LIQUOR Tokens: Staking to Earn Rewards

  • LIQUOR tokens can be earned by staking Maxes in your wallet
  • The benefits of staking LIQUOR tokens, such as increased voting power in Maxiverse governance decisions
  • The potential for long-term rewards through LIQUOR token staking

LIQUOR Tokens: The Internal Currency of Maxiverse

  • The various ways LIQUOR tokens can be used within Maxiverse, such as trading for goods and services
  • The role of LIQUOR tokens in governing decisions within Maxiverse, and how community members can use them to vote on important decisions
  • The potential for LIQUOR tokens to increase in value as Maxiverse grows and becomes more popular

Maxes: Your Ticket to Your Own Maxiverse

  • The potential for unique Maxes to increase in value over time, as they become more rare and sought-after
  • The ability for users to deploy their own Maxiverses, and customize them in any way they choose, creating a unique digital space for themselves and their community.
  • Maxes represent your digital identity within Maxiverse, and allow you to participate in the community